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AICE A Level Language 

AA. Exercise.identifying audience

AA. Audience and purpose exercise

AA. Author's purpose exercise

AA. Past exam 3 museum

AA. Past paper 3 Enid

AA. Paper 4 British Council

AA. Paper 4 Primary Language

AA. Paper 4 globish

AA. Past exam David Crystal's interview

AA. Analysis Paper 4 Four year old

AA. Analytical_essay_self_driving_cars

AA. Essay_marathon_analysis

AA. Exercise_purpose_audience_tone

AA. Paper 3 Cinderella

AA. Paper 3 interview

AA. Paper 3 speech

AA. Paper 3 Sleep_analysis

AA. Promotional Cover Paper 3

AA. Paper 3 review

AA. Circles of English

AA. Impact of English...

AA. Language A Exercise 1

AA. Language A Exercise 2

AA. Paper 4 Analysis Adolescent

AA. Language 4

AA. Analyze_paper_4_Lang_Acquisition

AA. Analytical_memo

AA. Obama's Inaugural Speech 2009

AA. I Have A Dream by MLK Jr.

AA. Exercise_Loose_periodic_sentences

AA. Exercise_loose_periodic

AA. Paper 3 Analysis

AA. Analysis comparison Speech

AA. Exercises Abstract_Concrete 2

AA. Exercise abstract vs Concrete

AA. Child.mom.language acquisition

AA. Analysis Inteview

AA. Exercise.analysis.Winfrey Interview

AA. Exercise.spoken language Costello

AA. Exercise.general.specific

AA. Abstract and concrete exercise

AA. Exercise.abstract paragraphs

AA. Analyze Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream"

AA. Exercise verbals

AA. Exercise 3 Sentence Structures

AA. exercise 2 sentence structures

AA. Sentence structure exercise online

AA. Analyzing genres.sentence structures

AA. Dialogue.sentence structures

BB. Lesson notes spoken verses written

BB. Lesson.ppt.spoken v.s. written

AA. Metaphor.exercise.analyze

AA. Figurative Language Exercise

BB. Idiom exercise

BB. Idiom exercise #2

A. Chapter 1 Text Analysis.written v.s.spoken language

A. Lesson Language and speech pages 5 and 6

A. Language and speech.exercise 5 and 6

AAAA.Quiz.The Language of Conversation

AAA.Exercise.the language of conversation ch 1 and 2

AA. Quiz.instructions.Hurricane Sandy

BBB.The Language of Conversation.David and Andrew.activity

BB. Article.quiz.Huricane Sandy

B. Parkinson interview with Cher

AICE Global Perspectives 

AA. Exercise evaluation Dog park

AA. exercise.deconstruct. arg

AA. Exercise.facebook

AA. Exercise.argu.purpose

AA. Past exam Human rights questions

AA. Past exam Human Rights booklet

AA. Past exam Touch screen technology questions

AA. Past exam touch screen technology booklet

AA.Wasteful initiative: the power of upcycling in Africa Questions

AA.Wasteful initiative: the power of upcycling in Africa Booklet

AA. Article Analysis Brazil

AA. Past exam_article_Land Grab

AA. Deconstruct_Article_1

AA. AICE Global Research Log

AA. Candidate Response Global Sit down test

AA. Global Exam review 2

AA. Global exam review 2 booklet

AA. Biodiversity Exam review 1

AA. Biodiversity Exam review 1 booklet

AA. Exercise.environment.hunger

AA. Romney vs. Obama Debate

AA. Analyzing opposing views

AA. Social Media: School analysis

AA. Lesson.deconstruct article Global Warming

AA. Deconstruction Article

AA. Deconstruct Article

AA. Global Perspectives Project Proposal

AA. Analyze.compare.vaccines

AA. Analyze Perzi Presentation

AA. Resource booklet Access to the internet

AA. Access to the internet questions

AA. Aice Global Perspectives.project.proposal

A. Lesson/Exercise: Are social networkds anti-social

B. Exercise.Log sheet.social networking

AICE AS Language 

AA. Shanghai childhood

A. Author's purpose Worksheet 1

B. Author's Purpose Worksheet 2

C. Author's Purpose Scavenger Hunt

AICE AS/A Language: Homework Assignments


CC. Exercise .6.Denotation and connotation

DD. Practice 1 exercise denotation and connotation

A. AICE English Lanuguage Summer Reading Response Journal Assignment

B. Assessment.rhetorical devices.reading assessment

C. Essential Question: Deconstruction example

D. Exercise.tone.attitude.sentences and paragraphs

E. Exercise.Parallelism

F. Exercise.Lincoln

G.Exercise.parallel structure

H. Passage #2 Writing Assignment

I. Exercise.passive v.s. active #1/ #2/ #3

J. 3) par. Passage.active v.s passage analysis

Important Note: To all AICE students who are missing class tomorrow, please make sure that you complete the first three assignments you encounter within the Passive v.s. Active voice package: #1 grammar worksheet convert from active to passive, #2 Level 1 Change the sentences below to the passive voice/ #3 Level 1 change sentence to active voice. 

K.Argument.driving age


M. Short passage for comment.reflection of childhood

N.Short passage.Trav.Checks

O. Passages 3 and 4

P.Direct Writing.Advertisement

Q.exercise.a greek myth

R. Exercise.friendship

S. Exercise.identify figurative language

T.exercise.a modern constitution

U. Exercise. Identify Figurative Language.update.04.24.13

V.Exercise.identify figurative language 05.02.13



Y. Exercise.french woman.style and language

Z. Exercise.writing.pass1.Thursday and Friday prompts

AA. Exercise Abstract v.s. Concrete

II. Exercises/Activities: English II (H)/Pre AICE

A. Exercise: Peer Review Rubric: "The Black Cat"/"The Tell-Tale Heart"

B. Exercise: Persuasive Writing Prompts

C. Exercise: Vocabulary "Word Maps"

E. Exercise.Plot structure "The Black Cat"

F. Exercise. Writing: Compare/Contrast "The Black Cat"/"The Tell-Tale Heart"

G. Exercise.Venn.diagram.compare/contrast "The Black Cat" and "The Tell-tale Heart"

H. Exercise."WOW-Writing Prompt

I. Exercise.Creative Writing Prompt

J. Exercise.Global Perspectives Unit 2 Scenario 1-2

K. Exercise. Symbols. The Yellow Wallpaper

L. Exercise.Global Perspectives.distinction.facts.arguments.testimony

M. "WOW" Writing Prompts and Techniques

N. Exercise: Grammar Skills Identify Parts of Speech

O. Grammar: Paragraph: Parts of Speech

P. "Wow" Writing Prompt

Q. Exercise.Grammar.ID.parts of speech

R. Worksheet: Satire

S. Exercises.Julius Caesar.vocabulary

T. Second Semester Exam: Review Questions

U. Exercise.reading assessment.mountain gorilla

V.Exercise.reading assessment passage 5 and 6

W. Exercise.Gist.Upfront Magazine

X. Exercise.Questions/A The Black Cat 11.02.2012

Y.Article: Domestic Disarmament

Z. Exercise.questions.answers.Julius Caesar

AA. Exercise.Tragedy of Julius.questions and answers.acts 1-5

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