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A.AICE Global Perspectives Syllabus 2011-2012


Developing successful students Cambridge Pre-U is an exciting new qualification for16 – 19 year olds who want to go to university.This is an innovative and stimulating qualification. It has been developed by University of CambridgeInternational Examinations (CIE), the largest providerof international qualifications for 14 – 19 year olds,and a department of the University of Cambridge.Cambridge Pre-U prepares students with theknowledge, skills and deep understanding they need to make a success of their studies at university.
Designed to inspire, challenge and rewardstudents Cambridge Pre-U has been designed to inspire,challenge and reward students. It takes individuallearning seriously and enables students to study aprogram tailored to suit their own interests,enthusiasms and expertise. Cambridge Pre-U is very popular in the UK. CIE is now developing part of Cambridge Pre-U, the Global Perspectives and Independent Research (GPR) component, as a stand-alone certificate for international students, that can be taken alongside Cambridge International A Levels.

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  Preparation for university studyCambridge Pre-U GPR has been specifically designed to prepare students for university study. It develops both deep understanding and independentlearning skills – so students should have a head start once they’re at university, making it easier for them to achieve their academic goals.Universities have told us they find it difficult to select the best students, those who are going to do well at university. They have welcomed Cambridge Pre-Uand the skills of independent study it promotes. Universities have also welcomed the clarity of the Cambridge Pre-U grading system, which allows themost selective universities to distinguish between students who may receive the same grade at International A Level.

Global PerspectivesThe seminar-based Global Perspectives course helps students to follow and deconstruct arguments, to separate fact from opinion, and to assess and evaluate the truth of claims. Related skills involve knowing where to look for information, how to construct arguments, and how to assemble and handle evidence. Students choose from within five broad themes: Practical Ethics, Economics, Environment, Technology and Culture. The emphasis is on giving them the tools to identify, evaluate and explore competing arguments and perspectives in a critical and disciplined way. Mastering these tools involves high-level skills which are valued in all academic subjects and indeed in employment. 
The Independent Research ReportUniversities put great value on a student’s ability to engage in independent research because it demonstrates the direct skills of collecting, handling and evaluating information of various kinds. And also wider study skills involving planning, time management, prioritization, self-motivation, sustained concentration and communication. The Independent Research Report, completed in the second year of the course, gives students a number of options: • Digging deeper – going into a chosen topicsin greater detail,• Crossing boundaries – focusing on a topicthat overlaps several school subjects,• New Departures – looking into non-schoolsubjects, for example, anthropology.The end product will be a single piece of extendedwriting, based on individual reading and research ona topic students can choose themselves.

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