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2015 Transcript result form

Lessons: AICE Global Perspectives

AA. Evaluating Arguments

AA. Lesson_MLA_8th edition

AA. Component 3 Powerpoint Example 1 2017

AA. Component 3 Powerpoint Example 2 2017

AA. Component 3 Powerpoint Example 3 2017

AA. Example_Comp 2_Essay #1

AA. Example_Comp 2_ Essay #2

AA. Example_Comp 2_Essay #3

AA. A Level Project Proposal

AA. Lesson_Deconstruction Essay_structure

AA. MLA Citation 8th Edition PPT

AA. Lesson_Inductive_deductive reasoning

AA. Candidate Responses 9239

AA. Project Proposal Updated A Level

AA. Deconstruction_Essay_Example_4

AA. Deconstruction_Essay_Example_3

AA. Deconstruction_Essay_Example_2

AA. Deconstruction_Essay_Example

AA Global Topics survey...Australia

AA. Example Project Proposal A Level Global

AA. Example Project Proposal A Level Global (2)

AA. Comp 3 Power Point Structure.example

AA. Comp 3. Power Point Structure example 2

AA. Comp 3 Power point structure example 3

AA. Power Point Example. Global Exam. Structure of Power Point

AA. Resource booklet Access to the internet

AA. Access to the internet questions

AA. Outline Proposal form 2015.2016

AA. Example.group project

AA. Deconstruction format power point

AA. Student example Deconstruction essay

AA. Student example Deconstruction essay #2

A. Global Perspectives.exercises.structure

B. Logical Fallacies: power point

C. Lesson.logical fallacies.2

D. Exercise.logical fallacies

D. Human Rights activity

E. Team project guidance

F. Reflective Paper Component 3

G. Global Survey

Lesson: AICE English Language A/AS levels

AA. English as a Global Language: internet

AA. Should English be taught as a global language?

AA. Global English-David Crystal

AA. Will English continue as a global language?

AA. World Englishes: future

AA. Technology influencing languages

AA. Lesson_encyclopedia_entry

AA. Lesson_writing_a_review_

AA. Lesson_Formal_informal_writing

AA. Lesson_spoken_written

AA. English/discrimination_jobs

AA. Examiners Response papers 3_4

AA. Evolution: Teenage Language

AA.Webspeak: Teenage Language

AA. Lesson_Teenager_Language

AA. Candidate responses Paper 4

A. David Crystal's Language Acquisition

AA. Lesson verbals

AA. Lesson_Memo_

AA. Lesson_speech

AA. Lesson.persuasive speech

AA. Loose and Periodic sentences

AA. How to write email updated

AA. Lesson How to write a blog

AA. Lesson active vs. passive voice

AA Purpose tone audience register updated

AA. Candidate Responses 3 and 4

AA.Lesson India China Japan

AA. Lesson.World Englishes

AA. Lesson Teenage Language Acquisition

AA. Lesson.Piaget' stages

AB. Language Acquis...

AA. Lesson Four sentence types

AA. Lesson.Newspaper article

AA. Lesson Newspaper Article


AA. Lesson.Abstract and concrete language

AA. Lesson Abstract and concrete updated

AA. Conversation chapter 1 and 2

AA.Spoken vs. written Ch. 1

AA. Lesson style analysis

AA. Idiom:figurative language

A. blog post examples

A. Formal informal obama speech

A. English as a global language.advantage.disadvantage

A. Cont. chapter 1 written v.s. spoken

B. Chapter 7 Language Acquisition

C. Power point: Teenager's Language

B. Lesson Power Point Spoken v.s. written

AAAA. Reading Crystal's ch. 4 and 5

AAAAA.Exercise.writing. describes the life of a family at sea

AAA.Extra credit.analysis.passage

AA. Text Analysis

A. Lesson: Tone/Mood/Attitude

B. Lesson: Satire

C. Lesson.Appositives

D.Lesson.sentences (syntax) simple.compound.complex

AA. Candidate response papers 1_2_3_4

E. Lesson Argumentation

F. Lesson Figurative Language

G. Lesson point of view

H. Exercise.spoken v.s. written.Tony Blair

I. Lesson.activities.Language Acquisition

Lessons: English II (H)


AAA. Lesson.point of view.exercise

AA. Lesson.points of view

AA. Lesson.active.passive

A. Lesson.facebook.exercise.character

A. Lesson.Plot Structure

B. Lesson: Verbs Power Point

C. Lesson: Reader Response Journals

D. Lesson: Oral Power Point Presentation: Novels

E. Lesson: Annotate Text Acronyms 2010-2011

F. Lesson: Nouns and Pronouns 2011-2012

G. Lesson.Irregular.verbs 2010-2011

H. Lesson.Symbols and allegory 2010-2011

I. Lesson.Main verbs and Helping Verbs2010-2011

J. Lesson Helping Verbs (Auxiliary)2010-2011

L. Lesson: Persuasive Writing

M. Lesson: Prepositions

N. Lesson: Sentence Structures.simple.compound.complex.

O. Lesson.tone and mood 01-18-2010

P. Lesson: Satire: Juvenalian/Horatian

Q. Lesson.parallel structures

R. Lesson: Denotation and Connotation 2011-2012

S. Lesson: analyze fiction: irony

T.Lesson: Irony. Power point

U. Lesson.Characterization

V. Lesson.All about satire

W. Lesson.indirect and direct characterization

X. Lesson.canned essay.persuasive and expository

Y. Lesson.indirect characterization

Z. Reader Response Journal 2012-2013

AA. Lesson.introductory par.


CC. Lesson.prepositions 2013